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Small, Incredible French Robot - No GPS Needed

Antbot Navigates by Following the Sun and Counting Its Steps Source:  Aix Marseille University Aix Marseilles University This is robotics inspired by the navigation system of a desert dwelling ant developed by scientists at Aix Marseilles University.  Antbot determines its location, motion and direction based on the light of the sun in the sky, how many steps it has taken and by watching objects that it has passed by. There is an optical movement sensor in the tiny robot that visually measures how far the bot has gone.  This bot doesn't require GPS to navigate.  It  is one special, robotic machine. Imitating Nature Thus far, Antbot can explore 46 feet and return to within 0.4 inches of its base.  Very impressive.  The research team thinks it would be very useful for search and rescue when no GPS is available.  And interestingly, they believe it will be very useful in the development of driverless car technology.