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Alef's Intriguing Flying/Driving Car

  Alef's Model A Is Big Competition for XPeng's X3                                             Source:  Alef Aeronautics The Future of Flying Cars is Fast Approaching California-based flying car company Alef Aeronautics has unveiled its 2-passenger flying car Model A.  The all-electric driving and flying car is going on pre-sale in early 2023 for a $1500 deposit.  It's priced at $300,000 for delivery in late 2025.  The company claims that the vehicle will be the only road-certified flying car that can do vertical takeoffs and landings like a helicopter and also drive on the road.  That puts Model A in direct competition with China-based XPeng's X3 flying car.  The X3 handles like a normal car on the road and easily transitions to an eVTOL for vertical takeoffs, landings and flight.  As I reported yesterday, the X3 has just successfully completed a full flight test in Beijing. XPeng is making the same "world first" claims for X3 as Alef is making for Model A.