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Alibaba's 3-Seater Electric Bike Is Inexpensive

  Green Travel on a Tri-Bike                                                       Source:  Alibaba $745.00 to Own China's e-commerce behemoth Alibaba has a new electric tri-bike that is one of the most affordable and unusual e-bikes on the global market.  It's a 3-seater designed for the e-biking needs of a small family.  There are even accommodations for a small pet in the pet storage basket underneath the driver's seat. And, there's a storage bag for carry-ons. The China, high performance electric bike is a bargain compared to $3,000 Western e-bikes.  It costs just $745.00 Full Suspension Bike This is a full suspension electric bike with a front suspension fork and a swingarm with dual coil-over shocks.  It reaches speeds of 3 to 4 mph on pedal power alone.  For $745, the bike contains a small battery system with a 400W power rating.  For more money, you can buy a bigger battery of 528, 720 or 960 Wh.  Shipping is free.  The bike comes in black, red, white and pink.