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Hydrogen Supercar & Your 2035 Ride

  Alpine & IED's New Hydrogen Powered Supercar                                             Source:  Alpine & IED The A-4810  France-based, Renault-owned Alpine, which is a renowned race and sports car maker, has unveiled a hydrogen powered concept car that may be the top car concept of the decade.  Alpine's Design Studio created the hydrogen, electric vehicle with 28 graduate students from the Turin, Italy-based Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), which is one of the top automotive design universities in the world.  The new concept vehicle is called A4810 and it represents their vision of the future for an Alpine supercar in 2035.  It is a spectacular vision of the future of driving a sleek, stylish, sophisticated, fully loaded vehicle with cutting-edge technologies, including a hydrogen powertrain. The vehicle's hydrogen power systems emit zero emissions.   The design team says the hydrogen car "represents the extreme sportiness of the future" that is more