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Brand New Take on BMW M4 Series

Germany's Alpina Spectacular 2023 B4 Grand Coupe                                                  Source:  Alpina New Car That's Like the BMW M4 With More Power & Upgrades Renowned German luxury automaker Alpina that has built a legacy on upgrading, rebuilding and hand assembling luxury BMWs, recently was acquired by BMW. Alpina vehicles are rarer than a Rolls Royce or Ferrari.  Now under BMW ownership, Alpina's latest offering, the Alpina 2023 B4 Grand Coupe makeover of the BMW M4 series, enhances the vehicle and infuses it with a lot more power and speed.  The 4-door sedan has a 3.00-liter inline-six engine and 8 speed automatic transmission that produces 495 hp, which is 22 hp more than the BMW M4.  It packs a whopping 538 ft.lbs of torque which is significantly more than the M4 at 406 ft.lbs.  Alpina says the new B4 has "effortless power and exclusivity". Really Fast The vehicle has a top speed of 187 mph and can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.  And fo