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New High Tech Way To Food Shop

  GetGo - New Technology Experiment at Tesco in London                                             Source:  Tesco Supermarket Chain UK & Amazon Palm Pay Mobile Apps & Seamless Checkouts - Big New Grocery Trend Tesco, the United Kingdom's largest supermarket chain, is testing a scan-less - just walk in and walk out - grocery payment system that is based on a mobile app.  The trial is called Tesco GetGo.  To buy groceries without scanning the items or going through the checkout, the shopper, when they enter the store, needs to download the Tesco mobile app.  All items that the shopper selects are tracked and charged to the shopper's Tesco account.  The transaction is finalized on a QR code that is scanned by the customer's phone. Tesco says a receipt is provided to the customer within minutes.  This time-savings, no customer lines, seamless paying method appears to be a mega-trend for grocery shopping as big retailers are latching onto it, including retailing giant Am