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Amazon Prime Days & Our Innovation Books

Maryanne & Edward Kane Deeply Discounted Prime Day Books                                                                                        Source:  Amazon Innovation and Travel Vehicles As Amazon authors, Ed & I wanted to participate in Prime Day, in appreciation for our readers and for the many opportunities we've had to publish on Amazon.  So, we're offering two of our favorite books for sale for the next few hours.  The discount is 91% which bring the books down to $.99 cents each.  And the books are "Best Futuristic Travel Vehicles" and "Epic Innovations for a Smarter Life".  They're written by my brother, Edward Kane & me - both national business journalists.  They are very valuable news briefs on emerging innovation and emerging travel vehicles with great pictures and easy reading synopses.  Please take a look and enjoy.   Best Futuristic Travel Vehicles Here's a link to Epic Innovations -   Epic Innovations for a Smarter Life