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UK Flying Taxi Gets Big Orders

  Urban Air Taxis Becoming a Reality                                              Source:  Vertical Aerospace Vertical Aerospace of  the UK UK flying taxi company Vertical Aerospace just announced that it has pre-orders for up to 1,000 of its zero emissions VA-X4 flying taxis from American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Avolon.  Also, Microsoft is providing the company with backing.  The pre-orders are worth $4 billion.  The electric flying taxi prototype is now in production with the first test flight slated for later this year. Tech Specs The e-VTOL takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter.  It can hit speeds of 202 mph and has a range of more than 100 miles.  VA-X4 is nearly silent during flight. It carries 4 passengers and a pilot. American Airlines has pre-ordered 250 vehicles with an option to purchase 100 more.  Dublin-based aircraft leasing company Avolon has preorders and options for 500 and Virgin Atlantic has a pre-order for 150 vehicles.  Pre-orders are conditional o