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New E-Robotic Water Taxis in Amsterdam

   MIT Zero Emissions Water Taxis to Be Deployed in Amsterdam Source:  MIT C-SAIL Innovative Water Shuttles for Amsterdam Canals From the world famous MIT C-SAIL a team of engineers and roboticists have created the Roboat, a robotic boat that uses the same autonomous, electric self-driving technology for cars but adapted for the water. Their adaptation is extremely innovative and it is soon to be launched as a water taxi service for Amsterdam commuters, pending governmental approvals. Small autonomous electric boat shuttles, spun off from a larger scale version of this innovative technology, are about to cruise on Amsterdam's famous canals to transport people and goods.  This will be the world's first fleet of autonomous water vessels to service a city.  It is a collaboration between MIT and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions that is paving the way for new travel solutions - water transit solutions in congested cities.  MIT Innovation This robotic water