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Aptera Unique Solar Powered EV

  Claims to Be World's Most Efficient Vehicle                                             Source:  Aptera Motors Driving on Sunshine San Diego, CA based Aptera Motors is a startup focused on developing very high efficiency electric vehicles.  It has developed one of the most promising solar powered vehicles going into production.  Aptera's 3-wheeled solar electric car is revolutionary travel technology.  Aptera is designed for an average daily commute of 40 miles without any recharge.  It can travel 40 miles a day on pure sunshine converted to electricity by its integrated solar panels. It charges as it drives. And if the travel distance is greater than 40 miles, a charge will add an additional 1,000 miles of range.  That is the longest range delivered by any electric vehicle to date.  This solar EV may be the benchmark zero emissions car to beat.  The price starts at $25,900. Many Upgrades Are Being Incorporated Aptera has been testing, tweaking and upgrading its Beta prototyp