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Airbus' Solar Plane Redefines Flying

  Zephyr S Flying Non-Stop For Nearly 3 Weeks                                                       Source:  Airbus Zero Emissions Flying Airbus' solar-powered, non-crewed airplane Zephyr S has been flying non-stop for about 20 days gliding on numerous routes from Arizona to the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and Belize in Central America. The unique aircraft is designed to fly in the stratosphere for months at a time.  The pace is a leisurely 30 knots (estimated).  The solar plane is a drone and a pseudo-satellite. A primary purpose for the aircraft is to serve as a sensor platform for the US military but the potential uses go way beyond that. Big Capabilities According to France-based Airbus, Zephyr is a truly revolutionary piece of aviation technology.  They say it will bring new "see, sense and connect" capabilities for both commercial and military customers.  It will be able to provide connectivity to unconnected parts of the world.  It could revolutionize disaster ma

Lucid EVs are Very Hot

  CA-Based Startup is Hitting Stride                                                  Source:  Lucid e-Sedans New Buyer for 100,000 EVs & New Production Facility Luxury electric sedan maker Lucid Motors of California does not have the branded household name that Tesla does.  But technologically in some ways Lucid Air sedans out-class and out-perform Tesla models and other EVs, according to automotive experts. Very recently, Lucid Motors has made several moves on the chessboard against its archrival Tesla.  The California-based startup has just secured an order for 100,000 Lucid EVs from the government of Saudi Arabia over the next ten years.  The price for the Lucid Air starts at $77,400 with some models kicking in at $95,000, $139,000 and $179,000.  The final price-tag of this deal has not been disclosed yet, but it is going to be a huge payday for the California startup.  The Lucid Air is the #1 luxury electric vehicle of 2022, according to  Lucid is also expanding prod