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Amazing New Electric Hovercraft VonMercier Arosa

  Vehicle Flies Over the Surface of Water and Land                                                  Source:  VonMercier VonMercier's Arosa Unique Travel Adventure  A remarkable new piece of travel technology has just been revealed.  VonMercier Hovercraft of Rockford, Illinois has unveiled a top-of-the-line, electric, luxury sports hovercraft that flies over the surface of water, land and other types of terrain at speeds up to 60 mph.  It combines cutting edge electric vehicle technologies with cutting edge hovercraft technologies.  Called the Arosa, it is the world's first sports luxury hovercraft.  And it's not just on the drawing board.  You can buy it this summer for $100,000 or more with customization.  It is a unique, new, travel vehicle adventure for flying just above the surface of water or land. Tech Specs This is the world's fastest hovercraft with a top speed of 60 mph and a range of 120 miles when going at 40 mph. It travels on a cushion of air 7 inches above

Amazing Personal Hovercraft for Land & Sea

  Von Mercier Arosa Luxury, Sporty Hovercraft                                                                                 Source:  Von Mercier Arosa Floating Above the Surface in a New Type of Vehicle The Von Mercier Arosa is the world's first luxury, personal, sports hovercraft created by Denver based Von Mercier company.  With its hybrid-electric powertrain, it can hover over land and sea.  It is not a car.  What look like wheels are actually fans for lift and hovering.  This sports, amphibious hovercraft is designed for adventurers who want to "Explore beyond the road", which is the company's slogan for Arosa.  The vehicle hovers on a cushion of air, 7 inches above the surface.  It is a new, breakthrough form of travel adventure. Tech Specs Arosa floats above any surface including grass, sand, gravel, mud, water and more.  It has an advanced directional control system that provides full maneuverability and allows the driver to move forward, backwards, reverse d