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James Bond Would Love This Helicopter

  Airbus & Aston Martin's ACH130 Aston Martin Edition                                       Source:  Airbus & Aston Martin Sleek, Mean Flying Machine Britain-based, luxury automaker Aston Martin and France-based, aerospace giant Airbus are partnering again on a highly successful custom-built helicopter called the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition that they launched in 2020.  They built 15 of the aircraft. The vehicles just about immediately sold out to customers in North America, Latin America, New Zeeland, Asia and Europe.  The two companies just announced that they are going to build at least 15 more because of the strong and what they call "unanticipated" demand.  The ACH130 is sleek, posh, flies on a single engine and is loaded with highly advanced aviation technology.  It is worthy of Agent 007 James Bond, whose favorite car was the Aston Martin. Sleek Helicopter Inspired by a Spectacular Car This corporate, executive type helicopter is inspired by Aston Martin'