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Audi's Most Versatile Car Activesphere Concept

  Activesphere - Audi's Most Versatile Concept                                              Source:  Audi Activesphere Made For Those on the Move Audi has debuted its 4th and final electric concept sphere car, Activesphere, that is designed for people who love the outdoors and have a very active lifestyle.  Here are some key facts on the EV concept: All-in-one electric luxury sedan, pickup truck and off-roading EV that is Audi's most versatile concept Body of a coupe but with big, 22" wheels for significant ground clearance for off-roading EV can convert into a pickup truck as the back can become an open cargo bed 4-door crossover with a new powertrain that is designed to drive on and off-road Sits on the Premium Platform Electric powertrain or PPE that Audi is developing with fellow VW automaker Porsche, that will be deployed in 2023 Dual electric motors, 100 kWh battery, 436 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque with 372 mile range on a charge Autonomous driving as well as steering