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Tesla Cybertrucks 2023 Deliveries

  Tesla Cyber Rodeo Event for Gigafactory in Austin, TX                                                       Source:  Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Latest Cybertruck Version At the opening ceremonies for his Austin, Texas Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that his long-delayed Cybertruck will be delivered to customers in 2023.  First unveiled in late 2019, the battery-electric, light duty pickup has been continuously under development and upgraded.  Cybertruck will be produced at the new Austin facility along with what Musk is teasing as other breakthrough products which haven't been announced yet. What We Know About the New Cybertruck The Cybertruck on display at the Cyber Rodeo Giga Texas event has been significantly upgraded.  Unlike the first version, it has conventional rear-view mirrors.  The headlights are configured right beneath the front bodywork of the truck and there's a light strip where the hood meets the bumper.  It still has no doorhandles.  Musk says

Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air

Super Sponge, Solar Powered, Water from Air Harvester Innovation from University of Texas Austin This is new, solar powered innovation to collect and clean water out of thin air.  It's a hydrogel hybrid developed by engineers at the University of Texas Austin that is powered by the sun.  One of the world's most pressing needs is clean, accessible drinking water.  This new innovation could lead to inexpensive, portable and small water collection and filtration systems.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air : New Hydrogel Collects & Cleans Water from Air Source:  University of Texas Austin Solar Powered Water Harvester This is new inno...