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Mercedes Vision AVTR Comes to Life

  Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept Car                                                                            Source:  Mercedes-Benz You Can Drive Sideways If Need Be Mercedes Benz has unveiled a real-life version of its Vision AVTR, a magnificent concept car inspired by the future and the original blockbuster James Cameron movie Avatar. Mercedes created the EV to mark the release of director James Cameron's 2nd Avatar movie - Avatar: The Way of Water.  The Mercedes ATVR has a futuristic propulsion system and very innovative, edgy styling.  The concept car is a blockbuster of its own, even though it doesn't appear in the movie.  Unique Design Language The vehicle is fast-forward futuristic with totally glass doors that open like bird wings and huge wheels that resemble a flower in bloom.  These features tie into the Avatar theme of conserving the beauty of nature.  And of great note, Vision AVTR has 4-wheel steering that enables it to drive sideways, if a maneuver like that mig