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Elon Musk Unveils Base on Mars

Space X CEO Elon Musk Unveils His Base on Mars Source:  Space X Rendering of Mars Base Alpha Space X CEO Elon Musk provided this artist's rendering of his planned Mars Base Alpha.  He plans to settle people on Mars in 2024.  In 2023 he'll send a manned mission to explore Mars.  In 2022, he plans on cargo missions to Mars.  And in order to keep on schedule, he started test launches of his Big  Falcon Rocket (BFR) space ship in 2019. Powerful Space Launch Vehicle Space X Artist Rendering of BFR Interplanetary Travel Musk provided an updated version of the BFR.  When it's finished he claims it's going to be the largest, most capable and most powerful launch vehicle ever built.  Musk says it's an interplanetary transport system capable of going from Earth to anywhere in the solar system. Lunar Mission with Tourists on Board Musk is planning Space X trips to the moon.  BFR will take off, have booster separation, go into orbit, fly around the moon and

Elon Musk's Next Space Adventure

Japanese Billionaire & Artists To Explore Space Aboard Space X Photo Courtesy of Space X:  Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa Big Trip for Space X , Bringing Tourists to Space This is a big step toward the realization of one of innovator Elon Musk's dreams:  to commercialize space and make space travel accessible to everyone.  Musk has booked his first private passenger for a trip around the Moon on Space X's Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) spaceship.  The passenger is a Japanese billionaire and innovator like Musk.  The pioneer is Yusaku Maezawa, who founded the very popular online fashion retailer Zozo. Yusaka and Friends to Orbit the Moon Yusaka says he will invite a group of 6 artists, sculptors, painters and architects to join him on the historic tourist trip to orbit the moon.  The week long space voyage is scheduled at the earliest to take off in the BFR rocket in 2023.  The adventure is designed to inspire the dreamers in all of us. BFR Spaceship The BFR hasn&#

Moon Orbit - Space X 1st Passenger

Elon Musk & Space X Take Big Step into Space Courtesy of Space X  - The BFR Flying to the Moon It's the dream of innovator Elon Musk to make space travel accessible to everyone.  His company just took a big step toward that goal.  They've just announced that they've signed the 1st private person to fly around the Moon.  The trip will be aboard Space X's BFR, the Big Falcon Rocket, which is a giant new rocket ship. Rocket Man This is a first and a very big step forward to commercializing space travel.  However, the BFR is still being prototyped and is a yet unproven spacecraft.  Eventually, Space X wants to use the rocket to launch the 1st manned mission to Mars.  Space X says it will identify the person and their purpose next week.