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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

D A ILY INNOVATION BRIEF   By Journalists Edward  Kane & Marya nne Kane BMW'S NEW VISION CONCEPT - FUTURE OF EV's                                                                                     Source:  BMW BMW's Vision Concept is a glimpse at BMW's vision of the future of EVs and beyond.  Here's what we know: This concept leads and previews BMW's 2025 Neue Klasse EV's Its focus:  advanced technologies and sustainable production 100% electric powertrain with architecture designed from the ground up for electrification Sleek design and innovative materials Front grill is an intelligent sensor panel for autonomous driving technology This vehicle is expected to be an industry leader in advanced autonomous driving capabilities Contains advancements in energy density and faster charging times Inside, BMW Panoramic Vision sends vital information across the windshield Also, advanced heads-up displays, gesture controls and highly advanced connectivity Debuts