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BMW's Multi-Color Car Tech

  Concept Electric Car with E Ink                                                Source:   BMW iX Flow iX Flow BMW unveiled a new electric concept car, the iX Flow with unique, exterior, color changing technology.  With this new innovation, for the first time, you would have the option of changing the exterior color of the car and even adding designs whenever you want.  It works through a unique, car body wrap that contains E ink with color pigments and responds to electrical signal stimulation.  T o change the exterior color, all the owner needs to do is press a button and the color change is almost instantaneous.  BMW says digital experiences aren't just for displays inside the car.  This new E ink technology bring the "car's exterior body to life". The wrap, through electrical stimulation, delivers the new color and desired designs.  In essence, it is a next-G car customization for the owner. Breakthrough New Technology With Multiple Capabilities BMW says this new