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BMW's e-SUV Designed "Like a Loft"

  SUV With a Range of 280 Miles on a Charge                                             Source:  BMW Powerful SUV With Zero-Emissions BMW's new, electric SUV, the iX 60 is something electrifying and very different.  According to BMW Design Chief Adrian van Hooydonk, it is designed as a "loft on wheels".  It certainly embodies that description. The SUV provides a lot of cabin space and has an elegant, aerodynamic design.  The design team is said to have been given a great deal of freedom to pursue their collective vision of design.  The result is a stunning looking, airy, all-electric SUV with a powerful battery that affords 280 miles of range on a charge.   Highly Aerodynamic Vehicle The EV has a dual electric motor powertrain that generates 610 hp. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.  Top speed is 155 mph.  It has one of the lowest drag coefficients among production cars at .26, making it a highly aerodynamic SUV.  The vehicle has 21-inch wheels with Pirel