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BMW's Concept Vision M Next

  Thriller of a Car Concept with Autonomous Mode                                                  Source:  BMW Not-to-Distant Future of Driving and Being Driven BMW has a new vision for the future of driving.  The Vision M Next concept is a hybrid-electric sports car that allows the driver to decide if they want to drive or be driven autonomously.  Through its Vision series of vehicles, BMW is striving to set the gold standard for sustainable, autonomous cars.  The Vision M Next and the previous Vision iNext are meant to spark discussions about what life could be like inside autonomous cars. BMW is also seeking to trigger valuable debate about future directions for the automotive industry.  BMW's Vision M Next is a pivotal new concept and a centerpiece of automotive conversation and debate about the future of driving. New Technologies The EV serves as BMW's vision of the future of sports cars and the future of its M Performance cars.  The concept has two future BMW driving mode