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BMW's Electrified Wingsuit

  New Form of Personal Air Mobility Source:  BMWi BMW's Electrified Wingsuit to Fly In BMW has designed, developed and tested the world's first all electric wing suit that enables a person to fly at speeds up to 186 mph. The revolutionary alternative means of travelling was developed by BMW in partnership with Designworks.  The flying suit began as a concept three years ago created by 33 year old Austrian Peter Salzman, who is a skydiver, paragliding instructor and wingsuit pilot.  BMW, Designworks and Salzman have taken the concept to new heights. The apparatus took three years to develop and is designed to showcase BMW's expertise in electrification. Successfully Tested Over the Alps The BMW wingsuit is electric powered with two chest mounted, carbon propellers delivering 20 horsepower for five minutes. There are two main parts.  It consists of a suit with wing like pieces of fabric and an electric drive unit that contains the propellers.  It weights about 28 pounds. The