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BMW's Fascinating New Hydrogen EV

  Hydrogen iX5 SUV                                                                      Source:  BMW BMW's Hydrogen NEXT Fuel Cell Technology BMW is expanding into hydrogen technology with its new hydrogen powered iX5 SUV.  The vehicle will be equipped with BMW's new i Hydrogen NEXT fuel cell technology.  Based on the BMW X5, the new iX5 is essentially an EV that has been retrofitted with a fuel cell stack, electric motor and battery and a new floor to accommodate the hydrogen tanks. The tanks have a total capacity of 16 pounds.  They feed the under-hood fuel cell stack paired with a rear mounted electric motor and battery.  The vehicle has just entered production and a small number will be on streets around the world for more testing in 2023. BMW says it will put a much larger number into production in the second half of this decade.  The iX5 is considered the precursor of future BMW hydrogen powered vehicles. Tech Specs The new hydrogen iXA offers both power and performance. 

BMW Hydrogen SUV Close to Production

BMW iX5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV Being Tested in Northern Sweden                                                  Source:  BMW Small Scale Production to Start Before End of 2022 Germany-based BMW has a vision for the future of zero emissions travel.  The vision is of vehicles that are hydrogen fuel cell powered with greater efficiency, longer range and faster recharge times than that of traditional electric vehicles.  The luxury car maker has developed a hydrogen powered BMW iX5 SUV that is close to being ready for small-scale production of a limited number of the vehicles.  The vehicle is now being tested in rugged, real-life conditions of extremely frozen, northern Sweden.  BMW says the hydrogen system is delivering full capacity even at -4 degrees (F).  BMW plans on manufacturing a limited number of the hydrogen iX5 before the end of this year. Tech Specs BMW is one of the automotive industry's leading advocates for hydrogen powered vehicles.  The iX5 has a fuel cell system that u