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Hydrogen Car Partnership: BMW & Toyota

  Joint Development, Production & Sales Collaboration                                             Source: BMW & Toyota Hedging Bets & Investments in Hydrogen Vehicles An innovative partnership has just emerged between German luxury car maker BMW and Japan's Toyota to develop, produce and sell hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2025.  They have partnered on vehicles before like the BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra sports car, but the scope of this collaboration is unprecedented.  It brings the smarts and expertise of two automotive behemoths together to create next generation, zero emissions hydrogen vehicles.  Hydrogen vehicles use hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity to fuel the vehicles. Hydrogen's Advantages Toyota in particular has depth of experience in developing hydrogen vehicles like the now 8-year-old Toyota Mirai hydrogen sedan. BMW recently introduced its next generation vehicle platform - Neue Klasse - that will be designed for building hydrogen vehicles as