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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  D AILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                          By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane HYUNDAI'S CRAB DRIVING ELECTRIC CAR                                                     Source:  Hyundai South Korean automaker Hyundai has created a crab driving, electric vehicle that can parallel park into a tight parking space on autopilot This remarkable piece of automotive engineering can also drive sideways Hyundai just debuted its e-Corner system that enables parallel parking by the driver turning the wheel 90-degrees and activating a "crab walk" button to roll perpendicularly into the parking space It can also drive diagonally at a 45-degree angle for high speed quick changes in direction The new technology can also do a 360-degree turn without taking up more room than the size of the car Hyundai appears to have a big winner in this new technology, which it is continuing to develop. NASA

Toyota & China's BYD Team on EV's

Despite Pandemic, New EV Business Opening in May Source:  Toyota Mirai Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the virtual shutdown of the automotive industry, Toyota  just formalized a partnership with China's BYD. BYD is backed by US investor Warren Buffet and is one of China's leading electric automaker.   They're combining forces to develop quality  performance, electric vehicles and the batteries to power them.   New Company with May Start Date They're forming a new company, BYD Toyota EV Technology Co. They say they hope to start operations in May. Hirohisa Kishi of Toyota will be Chairman. Zhao Binggen of BYD will be CEO.  The vehicles will be designed for Chinese consumers. Toyota Going Electric For the past decade, Japan based Toyota has focused on hybrid vehicles. It now intends to extend that focus to include all electric vehicles. Toyota is targeting one-half million EV sales starting in 20

New E-Car Wars

Japan and China Collaboration Toyota and BYD New E-Cars This is another important milestone in the future of electric vehicles which are zooming to a car dealer near you.  Japan's Toyota and Chinese electric car maker BYD are joining forces.  The deal is to create new batteries to power and develop your new electric vehicle. The two companies are accelerating their push for production of green, zero emissions vehicles. They just announced a new joint venture research project to drive it home in months for retail. Delivery in 2020 Their timeline is impressive. They expect to deliver their new vehicles in 2020.  Included are their electric sedans and low floor SUVs coming to market with the Toyota brand in early 2020. Important news on the future of driving electric.

Toyota Teams Up to Create Affordable EVs

Toyota and China's BYD Team-Up Source:  Toyota Electric Concept Car Affordable, Electric Battery Powered Vehicles The collaborations in the global electric and self-driving automotive market are unrelenting.  Toyota just announced a partnership with China's BYD, an electric automaker, to develop electric vehicles and the batteries to power them.  The industry partnerships are designed to help speed the development of new technologies into the market and to share the very high R&D costs. Compact Crossover in 2020 Toyota and BYD's goal is to develop electric vehicles that are affordable to mass populations.   They are targeting both electric sedans and SUVs.   The vehicles will be sold under the Toyota brand by 2025.  Batteries are needed by Toyota to reach its new goals.  It wants half of its global sales from electric vehicles, including gasoline hybrids, by 2025.  That's five years ahead of schedule.  Zero Emissions Market Massive competition has deve