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Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Vitamins

First, Evidenced-based, Customized Vitamin System for the Individual Source:  Baze Optimizes Dose & Ingredients Based on Your Nutrient Needs An innovation company called Baze, with operations in Boston, Berlin, Zurich and San Francisco, has innovated a unique, individualized approach to personalized vitamins and nutrition.  They call it an evidenced-based personalized vitamin service. It starts with their new blood test, developed at MIT, that works with a push of a button in 5 minutes. Your Own Vitamins to Help Your Body's Personal Needs This is a brand new, individualized vitamin system that starts with your blood sample analyzed at Baze's company labs.  The analysis  details what nutrients your body needs to be supplemented.  The company customizes your specific vitamin pill regimen, files a prescription and directly delivers it to you.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Vitamins : Customized to the Individual So