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Stunning New eVTOL for Personal City Travel - Volar

  Bellwether's Volar - Flying Hypercar eVTOL                                             Source:  Bellwether A Personal Flying Machine Designed for City Travel Volar is a highly innovative eVTOL (electric, vertical take-off and landing) vehicle that is worthy of a future, secret agent like James Bond.  It looks like a very sleek combination of a spaceship from another planet and a hypercar.  It doesn't look like an aircraft as the propulsion system is hidden from view underneath the body of the very sci-fi flying machine.  The eVTOL is the boldly innovative creation of London-based startup Bellwether Industries.  The personal flying machine is designed to make inner city travel much easier.  Testing of a half-sized demonstrator prototype of Volar is now underway.  The demonstrator, named Antelope, is being remotely piloted.  The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicle is designed for private use and appears to be a pilot-less drone, although it is still under development. Urban Travel