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Amazon's Jeff Bezos Space Trip

Bezos & Brother Mark to Launch into Space in July on Blue Origin                                                                                               Source:  Amazon  Billionaire Launches into Space on His Own Rocket Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark are flying to space on a Blue Origin flight on July 20th.  Blue Origin is the space company founded by Jeff Bezos.  This will be the first human flight launched by Blue Origin and the first mission manned by pilots.  In a post on Instagram, Jeff Bezos said going to space was something he wanted to do "all my life".  He will be taking the ride of his life on his own rocket, joined by his brother, the manned flight crew along with a soon to be announced passenger. A Seat Is Up For Grabs Blue Origin is auctioning off a seat in the capsule for someone who would like to join the Bezos brothers for the space flight.  Bidding for the seat has already reached $2.8 million and the auction closes on June