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Bobsla: New Winter Sports EV

Electric Vehicle Invented in Austria Riding Through the Alps It's called the Bobsla and it's a unique electric vehicle invention.  Bobsla is an electric bobsled vehicle that's similar to a go-cart on the snow.  The Innsbruck-based startup Bobsla GmbH has successfully tested the device and it's now taking riders for exhilarating rides through the Alps.  The inventors say it's easy to learn, safe and is designed as an alternative to snowmobiling and skiing. Electricity on Ice The device has a rear-mounted electric motor that can accelerate up to 18 mph.  It's quiet and more affordable than a snowmobile.  The inventors say it's great for snowy tourist destination.  It offers non-skiers something more exciting to do by taking rides in the snow. Mercedes Challenge According to the Bobsla's website, the company and the device have been invited by Mercedes to participate in the Sprinter Startup challenge.  The inventors consider their Bobsla part sn