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Richard Branson Soars into Space

  Virgin Galactic & Richard Branson Make History                                                       Richard Branson Soaring into Space onboard Unity SpaceShip Unity Launches from Eve                                        VMS Eve with Unity in Center Branson flying to space with co-workers in Unity                                                       SpaceShip Unity                                                  View from Unity                                        Unity Detaching from VMS Eve                                             Source:  Virgin Galactic Dawn of Space Tourism Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson has successfully soared into space and returned safely to Earth.  The British billionaire undoubtedly had the greatest adventure of his life.  His SpaceShipTwo Unity took off from New Mexico's Spaceport America attached to the underside of the huge, double fuselage WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft VMS Eve.  50 minutes after takeoff, spaceship Unity fired