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New AI - Seeing through Walls

See-Through AI MIT's RF-Pose "See-thru AI" T he MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is using an Artificial Intelligence based system to see what's going on behind closed doors, behind walls and in rooms behind rooms.  This AI ability to "see through" walls has been the stuff of science fiction.  But thanks to the power of machine intelligence, it's here. Loco-Motion AI  The project, as pictured above, is called RF-Pose. The tech is breakthrough.  The neural network analyzes the radio signals bouncing off the person's body as they move around and stop in enclosed rooms.  The AI builds a map with an active stick figure mirroring the person's live motions. Different AI Strokes This AI program is very different.  Usually neural networks are trained on massive sets of data.  In this case, the researchers had to train the AI to recognize radio signals bouncing off people. To do this, they used their wireless devices