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World's 1st Airless Tires

Debuting at 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Airless Tires Source:  Bridgestone World First from Bridgestone It's been a long time coming but Bridgestone has created airless tires.  They're going to debut them on a fleet of bikes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  The airless tires are a world first and took years to develop.  Among the hurdles that Bridgestone had to overcome for the tires:  distributing the vehicle weight on the tires evenly, consistently transmitting loads and finding a means to prevent debris from trapping inside the tires. Recycled Materials The tires are made of recycled, high strength thermoplastic resin spokes. The non-pneumatic, airless tires won't puncture, won't go flat and don't need refills.  You also don't need spare tires.  Bridgestone also says it reduces CO2 emissions from vehicles. Keep on Trucking The company is developing airless tires for the passenger vehicle market and they say that's sparking a great deal o