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How the Brain Computes

New Revealing Research - Rockefeller University Source:  Rockefeller University - C elegans roundworm's Brain Activity In Tiny Worms, Spiking Neurons and Clues to Brain Function The brain isn't a computer but it does compute.  To process data the human brain uses a digital code.  The cells produce bursts of electric current known as  "action potentials".  They are the 0's & 1's of the nervous system.  The code is assumed to be vital also to animals. Breakthrough Research on a Tiny Creature Researchers at Rockefeller University have made an amazing discovery.  They have had their 1st chance to observe "action potentials" in the brain cells of a tiny worm, the C elegans roundworm.  It wasn't expected to be there.  It's a first and experts say it's disrupting decades of dogma about the brain.  And, it could help scientists understand fundamentals of brain computation. Advancing Scientific Understanding of the Brain The res