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Ferrari Commits to Electric Vehicles

  First Fully Electric Ferrari in 2025 Ferrari Chairman Envisions New, Distinctive & Unique Electric Vehicles Italy based, luxury sports car maker Ferrari is synonymous with roaring, powerful gas and diesel engines that quickly accelerate to high speeds and spew fumes.  Now the company is going green and embracing the age of electric powertrains and green electric vehicles.  Furthermore the company is confident in maintaining its global leadership in high performance cars that will be powered by electric engines. European Union's Tightening Emissions Standards The European Union is proposing a ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2035 on to combat Climate change.  That will be a major challenge for automakers whose major selling point is big powerful engines like Ferrari.  Nonetheless, Ferrari Chairman and Acting CEO John Elkann welcomes the regulations.  He believes that the company is enabled to create even more distinctive and unique vehicles with "elect