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Boxing Robots: Italy's Fast Growth Industry

Superstar Robot Packers Source:  CMC CartonWrap Superstar Customers The Italian packaging company CMC in the medieval town of Citta di Castello has robot machines at the cutting edge of 2019 filling some very big orders for big clients and it delivers.  The robotic packaging machine is called CartonWrap.  It can box and seal 600 to 1000 items of every shape and size every hour, 24/7, including in tailor made boxes.  Clients of the automated packaging machines include Amazon, Walmart and Gucci. Big Business in Italy CMC and CartonWrap are one of 630 companies in Italy making automated packaging machines.  This is the new robotic, automated economy and it is one of Italy's fastest growing industries.  In fact, the sector is accelerating 9X's faster than the overall Italian economy.  It's another example of robotic technology cutting time, costs and in this case packaging waste and creating a whole new avenue of global business that's a disruptor.