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New Pill In COVID Fight - Merck

  New Anti-COVID Pill Could Be a COVID Gamechanger                               Source:  Merck & COVID-19 Images Pending FDA Approval, It Appears To Work & Work Well Merck's experimental antiviral pill has been tested on 754 COVID patients and appears to demonstrate that it cuts in half the chances of dying or being hospitalized from COVID-19.  The data is being hailed by some global health experts as a revolutionary new way to treat the deadly virus that has taken 5 million lives globally and 700,000 lives in the US alone.  The key point is it appears to keep people out of the hospital and treat them from getting severe symptoms while staying at home.  Molnupiravir Pills The medication is called molnupiravir and it works in a very different manner to undermine the potentially deadly effects of the virus once someone is infected by it. The molnupiravir pill creates errors in the COVID virus' genetic code making it less virulent. It essentially undermines the virus'