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Owner of JaguarLandRover - Tata's New EV

  New EV SUV That Can Power Other EVs                                                    Source:  Tata Motors From India, An EV that Uses "Digital Design Language" India-based Tata Motors, which owns Jaguar and Land Rover, is debuting a new, all electric SUV concept - the CURVV.  Both the design and the technology in the EV are breakthrough.  CURVV is capable of charging other electric vehicles.  It can also power electronic devices like laptops, cellphones and electrical appliances with a 3-pin socket.  Initial models of CURVV will be rolled out by the global automaker as a front wheel drive vehicle.  But the company says that if the demand for CURVV is strong enough, it will also be offered as an all-wheel drive vehicle.  The range on a charge for CURVV is an impressive 500 km or 311 miles. Design Features Tata uses, what it calls, new "digital design language" to imbue CURVV with features like a full-length LED light bar across the front of the car, digital scree