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Morgan's Offroader With Historic Roots

  New Morgan Plus Four CX-T                                      Source:  Morgan Motor Company New Sports Car from the UK From England, an automotive surprise designed by the venerable Morgan Motor Company.  The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is one of the most retro looking, all terrain, new sports cars on the road today.  The new Morgan, with its all-terrain tires, roll cage and hood rack for spare tires and other gear, is designed for the road less travelled.  And it is true to Morgan's 100-year tradition of elegant cars, including off-road vehicles dating back to the 1920's. Best of the Past and Future The new CX-T is road legal; it's not just for an automotive museum, although it is a classic. The body is made of aluminum.  The company says if it's dented, it can be pushed back into shape.  It's powered by a 259 hp. BMW 4-cylinder engine and there's a 6-speed manual gear, which are standard Morgan Plus. Familiar features include the bug-eye front lights, long, curvy