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Fascinating, New Cadillac Sports Car Design

  New Sketch of an Awesome Cadillac Sports Car                                                       Source:  Cadillac A Major Automotive Tease This sketch of a potential Cadillac sports car is a major automotive tease from the Cadillac Design Team.  The sketch, posted on Instagram, was done by Cadillac lead exterior designer Robin Krieg, who has been with GM for twenty years.  The vehicle looks like a brawny muscle car with sweeping aerodynamic lines.  Some automotive experts say the vehicle has a number of styling features reminiscent of the Cadillac V series, including the Cadillac ATS-V and Cadillac CTS-V, both of which Krieg designed.  Other automotive experts think it closely resembles a Corvette. GT Model The vehicle appears to be a two-seat GT model.  Features include a classy domed glass roof, a long front hood, beefy front and rear wheel arches, race car like air vents, carbon fiber grill, flashy LED lights and slim, aerodynamic side mirrors.  No one outside of Cadillac knows