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Daily Innovation Brief by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  REVOLUTIONARY CAR-BIKE VEHICLE                                                  Source:  Canyon Bikes Canyon Bikes of Koblenz, Germany has developed a revolutionary half-car/half-bike vehicle called the Future Mobility Concept This concept vehicle, that looks like a car but functions like a bike, just pulled in $900 million in investment money for development Canyon Bikes says that the concept re-imagines how new bike technology can re-claim space for bikes on the road The vehicle is powered by the driver/rider pedaling it with the support backup of a 2,000 watt-hour electric motor The bike-car has an electric range of 93 miles It can accommodate two driver/riders with one on the pedals in the front and the other on pedals in the back Rider sits in a recumbent, laid back position with their feet on the pedals  Rider steers the vehicle using intuitive side stick steering with 2 joy sticks Top speed is 37 mph Combines a lightweight, powerful bike design, 4-wheel stability and weatherpr