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Classic Shelby Mustang Re-Created

100 Hot Rod Mustang Tributes to Shelby American Founder Carroll Shelby                                        Source:  Shelby Mustang Shelby's 100th Birthday Tribute The Centennial Edition Mustang, or Shelby Mustang, is a tribute to car designer, race car driver & entrepreneur Carroll Shelby, famous for Shelby American, racing teams and more.  Here are the key facts on the Shelby Mustang collector's car: Shelby American has designed a 100 edition, hot rod Mustang to commemorate what would have been their founder's 100th birthday Shelby cars are revered by many car afficionados  Using the 2023 Ford Mustang GT as the base, the Centennial Mustang is a hot rod, collector's item and is already a sell-out Powered by the Ford 5.-liter supercharged V8 engine Delivers more than 750 hp rather than the normal 450 hp Handling has been "sharpened" with sway bars, performance springs and adjustable caster/camber plates Upgraded Shelby-spec tires and 20"x11" wh