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NASA Spots Vortex in Saturn's North Pole

Surprise Discovery on Saturn:  New, 6-Sided Jet Stream Emerging NASA:  Saturn's North Pole Vortex Mystery and Extent of  Saturn's Hexagon Grows The data is from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.  Scientists have just spotted a vortex emerging from Saturn's North Pole.  It's a warming, high altitude jet stream that scientists say has a hexagonal shape. Cassini Find The surprise discovery was just published in the journal Nature Communications.  NASA scientists think it may be hundreds of miles in height. The Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997 and collected data on Saturn for 20 years.  Years ago, it spotted a vortex coming from Saturn's South Pole.  But until now, nothing was cited in the planet's North Pole.  NASA scientists are amazed by this intergalactic discovery and pursuing the mystery of the how's and why's surrounding it.  The scientists also wonder what other exciting discoveries Cassini's data may unveil. Follow important