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Toothpaste Tubes & Environmental Pollution

New Invention:  Tablet Toothpaste "Change Toothpaste" Source:  Change Toothpaste Potentially Cuts 900 Million Plastic Toothpaste Tube Throwaways Per Year Tubes of toothpaste aren't something you think about but their impact on the global environment is hugely negative.  900 million toothpaste tubes are discarded into oceans and landfills globally every year.  Importantly, it takes 500 years for them to breakdown, which means virtually every toothpaste tube created is still discarded someplace in the world.  And, the tubes, which contain multiple layers of plastic, polymers and resins, can't be recycled.  A company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta Canada just came up with a solution in the form of tablet toothpaste. "Paste with No Waste" Entrepreneurs Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince are the inventors and founders of CHANGE Toothpaste. Their tablet toothpaste is an all natural vegan substance that works just like toothpaste but has no harsh chemic