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Epic Dodge Muscle Car Going Electric

  Dodge Charger Will Be Electrifying                                                  Source:  Dodge New Technologies Create Electric Muscle Car That Sounds like One Dodge has surprised the global automotive world with an electric muscle car concept version of the iconic Dodge Charger, which is one of the original muscle cars.  Called the Charger Daytona SRT, it will be Dodge's first, all-electric muscle car and is expected to debut in 2024. It's a two-door coupe that combines futuristic and retro looks.  The vehicle is said to have the feel and sound of a gas-powered muscle car, thanks to several new technologies, including the multispeed transmission and exhaust system.  It is expected to replace Dodge's current gas-powered Challenger and Charger muscle cars.  Dodge is owned by Stellantis, a combination of Chrysler, Fiat and the French PSA Group. Details We Know The new EV has a very aerodynamic, muscular, yet retro design. The front of the car features a large opening fo