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Daily Innovation Brief by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  CITROEN'S ELECTRIC CONCEPT CAR OLI                                                  Source:  Citroen France-based Citroen and BASF have developed a new, minimalist electric concept car, Oli The quirky styled EV is built for sustainable & affordable mobility For Citroen, Oli is a statement about the future of driving: lighter, smaller, more aerodynamic electric cars for longer range Oli's top speed is 68 mph It has a 40 kWh battery that provides 248 miles of range on a charge Very innovative design with many components 3-D printed Mobile phone can plug into dashboard and automatically connects to the vehicle Expected to go on sale by 2030 with a starting price of $26,735 Citroen CEO Vincent Cobee believes we are moving to a post-SUV world in which low height, lightweight vehicles designed to achieve maximum efficiency from their electric powertrains will dominate. NEW TECH TO BETTER COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DOG