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China OK's XPENG X2 eVTOL for Flying

  XPENG's X2 Gets Chinese Government Approval                                             Source:  XPENG's X2 A First in China:  Manned eVTOL Flight Approvals In an historic move, the Chinese government has given conditional approval for crewed flights for XPENG's flying car X2.  Here are the tech facts: First manned eVTOL to receive a licensed flight certificate in China Certificate allows XPENG to continue development and bring the eVTOL into production for commercialization by 2024 X2 combines the best in automotive and aviation technology Generation 5 X2 does not have wheels & doesn't drive but Generation 6 X2 will be a real driving and flying car X2 has completed more than 3,000 successful test flights Enclosed cockpit, minimalist teardrop design for maximum aerodynamic performance & carbon fiber structure that's about the size of an SUV Showcased at the GITEX Global 2022 last October in Dubai Will be available for purchase in 2024 at a price starting a