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New Regenerative Vertical Ocean Farming

  GreenWave's Regenerative Ocean Vertical Farming                                                         Source:  GreenWave& Bren Smith A New Green Wave to Fight Climate Change GreenWave, a sustainable undersea farming technology company founded by fisherman Bren Smith, has developed a breakthrough technology called vertical underwater farming or regenerative ocean farming.  The technique promises to be a new and prolific source of food and a new way to fight Climate Change.  It's comprised of vertical ropes that grow a variety of seaweed and shellfish.  As a fisherman, Smith has witnessed fishing stocks depleted and destroyed by Climate Change.  He is convinced that fishing has to be sustainable to save the industry.  His GreenWave model is designed to cleanly produce shellfish and seaweed, help restore ocean ecosystems, capture carbon and nitrogen from the waters and to support and sustain commercial farming.  The shellfish and seaweed provide food for consumers, fertili