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Corvette That's a Boat - Dubai Invention

  Corvette Sea-8                                                       Source:  Waterlink & Corvette Stingray A Classic Car for Boating A Dubai-based company called Waterlink has invented a unique, new means of water travel.  They've converted a road-riding Corvette into a serviceable, pleasure boat.  It's an exotic new way to travel lakes, rivers and seas.  You can rent it in Dubai for $700.00 per hour or purchase it for $40,000 to $50,000.  It's called the Corvette Sea-8 and it is unique travel innovation. The Car-Boat The Corvette Stingray is one of the world's favorite, classic muscle cars. It is an iconic symbol of automotive coolness.  The Corvette Sea-8 has the classic styling of the Vette with a smooth, sleek, and sporty design. Just like the car, the "car-boat" has a steering wheel, gas pedal and gear shift.  There are no brakes.  It slows down when the driver eases on the gas pedal.  The 1.8-liter engine can support speeds up to 62 mph. There'