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Toyota's 2023 Crown- Crown Jewel

  Bold New Design That Stands Out                                                                           Source:  Toyota Part Sedan - Part SUV Toyota is resurrecting its longest running model name with the unveiling of its new hybrid flagship sedan, the 2023 Toyota Crown.  The hybrid-electric vehicle will replace the Toyota Avalon in the Japanese automaker's lineup.  The Crown has quite the pedigree, dating back to 1955.  It became the first Japanese car sold in the US in 1958.  For 15 generations, the Crown was Toyota's premiere sedan.  The new Crown is much taller than a sedan with a high-riding SUV-like body.  Automotive experts are hailing the design as bold and blurring the lines between a SUV and a sedan.  It's a one-of-a-kind small SUV/sedan in the global automotive market.  Tech Specs The Crown will actually be a series of vehicles crossing vehicle classes.  It will be available with a choice of two different powertrains and 3 grades:  Crown XLE, Limited and Plat