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New EV With Touches of Gaming

  Cupra's Gaming Motif - Gamification of the Car                                        Source:  Cupra Car Designed as a Lifestyle Interest Volkwagen-owned, sports, race car and EV maker Cupra has created a concept car that is a brilliant idea.  The car is designed to appeal to young,14-year-old gamers and bring them back to buy when they legally can in the future.  The vehicle, called Urban Rebel, has a controller-styled steering wheel and a big digital dashboard, all fashioned-on gaming electronics.  Some automotive experts are calling the Urban Rebel the gamification of cars. The company calls it a look at the future through the eyes and interest of future buyers. Cupra says that 80% of 14 year olds are gamers. The EV is a marketing strategy that plays right into the megatrend of vehicles reflecting the owner's lifestyle.  Today's teen gamers should feel very comfortable with the key driving apparatus in the small, all-electric EV.  Urban Rebel will be on the market and